Big Brand Emails at Small Business Pricing

Send emails like top-tier DTC brands for only $999 a month.

How It Works

Credit card mockups

Step 1 - Calendar Planning

We plan your campaign calendar wayyyy in advance. Seriously, we’re like the dad that shows up 6 hours ahead to the airport.

Step 2 - Write and Design Emails

Designs that’ll make Picasso proud, copy that’ll captivate Ogilvy himself.

Step 3 - Your Stamp of Approval

We exist in your slack or whatsapp and send you a figma link to request edits or bestow your royal seal of approval.

Step 4 - Segment, Setup and Schedule

We carve your email list like a Thanksgiving Turkey and set the table in Klaviyo, ensuring each guest gets their perfect serving of emails.

Step 5 - Monthly Reporting

So that you can rest easy knowing every month your emails are making you money without you even lifting a finger.
Credit card mockups

Results Speak Loudest

”I know emails are important but I always procrastinated because it doesn’t come naturally to me. I have been using the app for a month and was able to send out 8 emails that made us an extra $7,000 this month.”

Bryan Cano
Ecom Brand Owner

”My email creation time has gone from 2 hours to 10 minutes approximately, which means I am able to service 12x more clients!?!?! I love that the emails can be customized. Platform can be a little buggy but it’s getting better every week.”

Kelly Williams
Email Freelancer


Ideal for small 6 figure startups
10 emails
1 round of revision
Strategy for campaigns
1 dedicated account manager
End of month performance report
Money back guarantee
Slack Support
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Ideal for 7-8 figures businessses
As Needed
Unlimited rounds of revision
Strategy for campaigns and flows
Access to full team
End of month performance report
Monthly goal aligning call
Money back guarantee
Onboarding and tech support
Slack Support
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Myth: Good Things Cost Good Money.

We disagree, here’s why:

We cut down all the agency fluff and double-down on things that’ll move the needle for 6-7 figure brands.
Streamlined processes, like a car assembly line
Data-backed strategies we’ve develop after working with 100+ brands
Fine-tuned AI models (not the typical ChatGPT stuff) powering humans that do all your work
No bi-weekly touch-base BS that costs you more than it costs us
No starting from scratch - we have insights into multiple ecom niches
No outsourced work - our in-house employees function almost as a part of your team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I invest in email and SMS?
Yes, you can edit any copy or design block by double-clicking on it.
2. How can you match our brand vision and write in our brand voice?
Not ChatGPT, but we have fine-tuned GPT4 models specifically for email marketing.
3. How do you keep cost low?
You will be required to give us your product URL. We read your website and learn everything we need to about your products!